<aside> 👉 We are on a mission to unleash the full potential of young generations and empower them to make a daily impact with simplicity and purpose.


Fifteen years ago, Change.org changed the game with the world's largest petition platform. Now, we're taking it to new heights by empowering anyone to lead the fight against climate change.

In 2022, we conducted extensive research and found a digital activist generation emerging. Over 50% of GenZ (2.47 billion) worldwide report experiencing climate anxiety, but many don't know where to start in making a difference. Existing solutions are either outdated, require high commitment, or focus only on individual behavioral change.

Current social apps have created bad habits, and 99% of their content is generated by advertisers and brands. We aim to harness the best aspects of social platforms (community, viral loop, social proof, daily content, rituals, habits, rewards, etc.) and apply them towards reversing the effects of climate change.

We believe that purpose is what drives people to fight for what they believe in. We're building the first climate activism app that will push world leaders and politicians to tackle the greatest challenge of our time. Together, we can make a real impact, avoiding hundreds of millions of tons of GHG emissions each year.

Are you passionate about making a difference in the fight against climate change? Then we want you to join our team and make a real impact!

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Our team is based in NYC and Paris, and is led by repeat founders:

… and backed by top angel investors.

If the intersection of technology and climate interests you, please get in touch.

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